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Jailer of Love Strategy

Postby Deadpooled » Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:48 am


* Spawned by trading a Fourth Virtue, Fifth Virtue, and Sixth Virtue to the ??? at K-12; all three items are traded at one time to spawn JoL.
* After this NM is defeated, occasionally the Absolute Virtue NM will spawn.
* Item Drops: The Love Halberd drops 100% of the time.
* Very high HP, as well as a massive auto-regen (~200-250HP per tic)
* Killable by: 30 level 75 characters

* Special Attacks: Hundred Fists (multiple times); Boost, plus high damage melee hits (can crit hit tanks for over 1200HP); Casts spells depending on it's current elemental base, including Bindga, Breakga, Diaga III, Dispelga, Graviga, Paralyga, tier IV single target BLM spells (Thunder IV, Blizzard IV, etc.) and tier III area BLM spells (Thundaga III, Blizzaga III, etc.)

* Resists & Immunities: It is immune or highly resistant to almost all debuffs.

* Damage Taken: No type of damage is especially strong; combined with the incredibly high HP and auto-regen, this makes for a very long fight.

* Fight Strategy:
Tanking: The general strategy with tanking the Jailer of Love is to avoid being hit at all by it's melee hits, and taking the magic damage it does, instead. This is accomplished by standing at just the right spot -- at the outer edge of the circular "hood" that all Yovra mobs have. If tanks stand there, JoL will not move in to melee, but stay stationary and cast spells instead. Usually the tanking is done by having multiple PLD/WAR with high HP stand around the edge of the NM, far enough apart so that only one is hit with the AOE spells that it can cast. Note that the melee hits from JoL are high enough damage enough that if tanks are hit by it, it will likely wipe them out in very short order.

Doing Damage: The high level and resistances on JoL make it difficult to do damage; melee are not usually used much, except to set up skillchains for magic bursts (using a Darkness skillchain with Blizzard magic bursts is common.) Summoner damage is highly useful, often with Fenrir and Diabolos for constant damage.

Pet Summons: There are three types of pets that are regularly summoned by the Jailer of Love: Qn'hpemde, Qn'xzomit, and Ru'phuabo. The JoL summons a set of them approximately every 2.5 minutes -- this set will have three of the same type. Up to nine of each of the three types of pets can be summoned in total; if these are allowed to build up, they will quickly wipe the alliance. Interestingly, the high auto-regen on the JoL is thought to reduce as more of it's pets are killed; eventually, the JoL will only summon Ru'phuabos pets, at which point it's auto-regen will be gone. An outside alliance with Black Mages (5 Black Mages with a refresher are generally sufficient) is required to quickly nuke down these pets as they are spawned; this works much like the Jailer of Justice, which also summons the Qn'xzomit.

Base Element: The base element of the JoL changes periodically, every time it does the 2-hour animation. This controls the spells that it casts; when it's base element is Earth, it will cast spells like Breakga, Stone IV, Stonega III, etc. The JoL will absorb spells cast of it's current base element -- if the base element is currently Earth, any Stone spells cast on it will actually heal it. Because of this, it is important to note when it changes it's base element, and adjust accordingly; this can be tested by casting tier 1 elemental damage spells on it, and seeing which ones heal it. Even with the changing element, most Black Mage damage is generally done with Blizzard IV, as that seems to work the best, except of course when JoL's base element is Ice.
Special Care: Ultimately, JoL is a fight of endurance; most groups who have made it through all the previous Jailers and HNMs in Sea should not have much of a problem, if they bring enough people to outlast it. If a decent BLM group is set up to deal with the pets, and the tanks are careful about where they stand, it becomes a question of lasting long enough to wear it down. This fight can easily last over 3 hours; it is rarely done in less than 90 minutes.
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